Car Radiator Flushing Reminders and Tips

If you want your vehicle’s radiator to do its job, and stay cool, it needs to be serviced regularly. Routine radiator flushing is important for all make and model cars, SUV’s, and trucks. The best part about flushing a radiator for any vehicle is that it is an easy DIY job! Continue reading to catch up on radiator flushing tips, tricks, and reminders before heading out to your garage and giving your old car radiator a good cleaning.

Used Auto Parts in Indianapolis 317-244-0700

Used Auto Parts in Indianapolis 317-244-0700

Flushing a Radiator

One of the most important things to remember about performing any factory scheduled maintenance for your car or truck, is to always be sure the engine is turned off and cooled down all the way. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and start on the rest of the process.

Here’s what you will need to flush a car radiator:

Radiator Flushing Solution
Coolant Receptacle or Bucket
Cloth Rag or Towel
Phillips Head Screw Driver

You can never be reminded enough to be sure your engine is turned off and cooled down before working on your radiator. Once you have all your tools and supplies gathered, and the engine is cool of course, you can go ahead and place your receptacle or bucket beneath the drain plug of the radiator.

Next, remove the drain plug with your screw driver, if it needs one, and let the old coolant flow out. Now you are ready to re-attach the drain plug and remove the upper radiator cap. Pour in the flushing solution, fill the rest with water to the top, and re-apply the radiator cap. Now you want to turn your engine on, and your heat at the highest setting, and let it run until the engine reaches its normal operating temperature.

Once it reaches this temperature, turn the ignition off and let the engine cool completely again. Now, place the coolant receptacle or bucket below the drain plug and remove the drain plug, releasing all the leftover radiator flush solution. Screw the drain plug back on, remove the radiator cap once again, and use the funnel to pour in the coolant this time. Re-attach the cap and you are all set!

Got an Old Car Radiator in Indianapolis?

If your vehicle’s radiator is on its last leg, keep in mind that it still has some value…

Towing and Recovery

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