Drivers Beware of Common Towing Mistakes

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Indianapolis Towing and Recovery 317-247-8484

No matter what type of tow you have planned, it is vital to beware of the most common towing mistakes made, and how to avoid them at all costs. Road trippers, RV owners, trailer hitchers, and more should all be well-versed in towing regulations, laws, and practices.

Continue reading to learn the most common towing mistakes seen on the road, and how to properly navigate around potential towing problems and more.

Failure to Know Tow Ratings

Each vehicle has a certain towing capacity and limit. Depending on the make, model, and towing accessories you own, your vehicle’s towing ability will differ from others. Overloading your car or truck is a very dangerous situation because it can lead to serious problems; such as brake failure, overheating transmission, lost trailer connections, broken hitches, busted suspension, and much more. These circumstances can lead to serious and even fatal motor vehicle accidents. The responsible tower always knows his or her tow ratings. These ratings will allow you to determine if your hitch system matches your vehicle’s towing specs. All numbers must be checked, double checked, and entirely complied with at all times. Look at the vehicle’s owners’ manual, inside the driver’s side door, or online for these specifications and towing guidelines.

Failure to Acknowledge Local Towing Regulations

Towing laws, regulations, and restrictions differ state to state; so before leaving on your next road trip, be sure to research the towing laws for each state you intend to pass through. Otherwise, you can expect to get pulled over and issued a ticket. Things like towing speeds, trailer lights, safety chains, and braking equipment are regulations known to exist in certain states.

Improper Cargo Loading

Improperly loading your cargo you intend to tow is a very dangerous situation for yourself, your passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, your vehicle, and much more. This situation can lead to a load of chaos. An off-balance trailer is almost impossible to navigate and control. This puts other drivers, vehicles, and property at risk of a collision. Cargo must be loaded properly, and weight-distribution needs to be even at all times.

Forgetting Trailer Insurance

One big mistake many novice towers make is failing to purchase proper insurance coverage for their trailer. If your vehicle is insured, it doesn’t mean that your trailer is, so it is important to contact your insurance provider to see if you have adequate insurance coverage for your tow. All you really need is basic liability coverage for a trailer; a very affordable policy.

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