Effective Solutions For a Problematic Car Battery

Sometimes car batteries just don’t want to cooperate. And bad battery behavior can cause quite the disturbance among other vehicular components and systems. But fortunately, there are several precautions a person can take to ensure their battery behaves itself. Routine maintenance and a change of bad habits can be the best medicine for preventing sub-par battery performance.

Continue reading to learn how you can fix your problematic car battery, and the options you have if your battery troubles seem to persist no matter what you try.

24 Hour Indianapolis Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

24 Hour Indianapolis Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

Battery Fluid Loss

One of the main reasons why batteries become problematic is fluid loss. There are several factors that cause battery fluid loss, but the most common include excessive heat, hot weather, and cold weather. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, so the hotter the engine gets, the more fluid is lost. Driving excessively, aggressively, or in hot parts of the country will cause this to happen.

Cold weather causes motor oil to thicken, which makes it harder to turn the engine, thus forcing the battery to work harder. Another major cause for shortened battery life is overcharging. Overcharging can happen when a voltage regulator is defective, which causes the battery to charge at a rate that is too high.

Preventative Maintenance

It is important to provide preventative maintenance for your car battery if you want it to stop giving you trouble. The more you care for your battery, the faster it will turn around.

Here are helpful tips for better car battery performance:

If you own a car battery that requires manual fluid refills, check it regularly and be sure to top it off with distilled water when needed.

Ensure that your electrical system is charging at the proper rate to avoid accidental overcharging.

Check your battery more often when driving in hot weather for needed “top offs.”

Avoid aggressive driving, fast acceleration, and harsh braking to preserve the life of your battery.

Check your battery life when the check engine light is on, or if you notice dim lights or malfunctioning accessories. See if charging it corrects the issues.

Keep the top surface area of your battery free of dirt, dust, and debris. Clean it regularly to avoid malfunctioning or decreased performance.

Car Battery Replacement and Roadside Assistance

Towing and Recovery

Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484

If your battery will not charge, or continues to give you trouble, it may need to be replaced. Zore’s Inc. has an extensive inventory that is stocked full of RUST-FREE new and used auto parts at the most competitive prices in town. Choose us for a new car battery, as well as, 24 hour roadside assistance for jump starts, fuel delivery, lockouts, towing, and much more!

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