Gooseneck Hitches Versus Fifth Wheel Hitches

Indianapolis Towing and Recovery 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Towing and Recovery 317-247-8484

Sure, you can get by using a Class 1 through 5 receiver for your trailer and light boat towing. But for large loads, horse trailers, and campers, you need a heavy duty hitch. Heavy duty hitches, combined with the proper towing equipment, allow drivers to tow larger freights and pull heavier loads, for a longer amount of time. This is made possible by placing the hitching point in the truck bed over the rear axle. They are strong enough to support more weight compared to a standard bumper hitch.

So overall, they make large towing jobs safer and more efficient. Continue reading to learn the two types of heavy-duty hitch systems, and the difference between them.

Heavy Duty Towing Hitches

There are two kinds of towing hitches used for heavy-duty purposes: 1) gooseneck hitches, and 2) fifth wheel hitches. They both used a different coupler, but there is more that sets them apart than just that. Look below to review some details about each hitch, and how they support heavy-duty tows.

Gooseneck Hitches

These hitches have trailer balls that are similar to standard hitches. However, the trailer ball is mounted in the middle of the truck bed instead of the bumper. Gooseneck hitches can support much more weight, and can carry large recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, and more. In fact, it can support and pull up to 30,000 pounds gross tongue weight (GTW)!

They can also make tighter and narrower turns since their pivot point is more forward. Gooseneck hitches are generally used for trucks with 4-wheel axles in order to sustain the weight. And certain gooseneck hitches can be folded down or easily removed so drivers can have access to their truck bed when they are not towing anything.

Recommended: B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch – $439.00

Fifth Wheel Hitches

These heavy duty hitches look much like the ones used on semi-trucks. They are also similar to gooseneck hitches because they also can support and pull a large amount of weight. In fact, they have a high weight capacity of 16,000 to 30,000 pounds GTW. This is because they too have a bed-mounted design. They mount to rails that must be permanently bolted on a truck bed, but can be removed for truck bed access. If you are pulling big campers or vehicle trailers, you will be safer and happier with a fifth wheel hitch. They are easier to maneuver and much more stable for towing heavy loads. Many fifth wheel hitches have a special pivoting design that allows for better shock absorption for bumps and changing road conditions. This gives drivers a smoother towing experience.

Recommended: B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch – $879.00

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