How Does a Sealed Car Battery Charge?

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You might have heard sealed car batteries also be referred to as maintenance-free batteries. The terms “sealed” and “maintenance-free” are actually inaccurate terms. This is because ALL modern-day automotive batteries are sealed, and none of them are entirely maintenance-free. In fact, you cannot find a maintenance-free sealed car battery for standard vehicles. The only maintenance-free sealed car batteries you’re likely to find are made for heavy-duty automotive specialty show markets; and they cost an upwards of $200 or more.

In the regular consumer market, when the term, “maintenance-free” is used, it’s typically meant to imply that a battery doesn’t need water added to it. Another name for maintenance-free car batteries is valve regulated lead acid batteries (VLRA). Continue reading to learn more about sealed car batteries and how they charge.

Today’s Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries used to come with individual vent caps that had to be screwed over each individual cell. Today, single cell caps are now a thing of the past, as newer model automotive batteries have cell caps that cover three cells each. The modern-day sealed design eliminates risks for acid spills, gas emissions, and corrosion. This also reduces the chances of gas explosions, acid sprays, toxic fumes, and more.

Common types of sealed, maintenance-free automotive batteries are Gel-cells (Gel) and absorbed glass mat (AGM). Gel and AGM models do not require water, retain a valve for gas blow-off, and can be used in any positioning, which is why they are commonly referred to as “maintenance-free”, “sealed”, or “VLRA” batteries in the automotive market. Here are a few reasons why these batteries are so popular in today’s automotive world:

• Low Cost
• Large Power-to-Weight Ratio
• High Surge Capabilities
• Minimal Maintenance
• Easily Rechargeable
• No Water Necessary
• Easy Installation

VLRA batteries are also very easy to charge. Keep in mind that before charging a Gel or AGM battery, it is vital to clean out the terminals first. Use a mild mixture of baking soda and clean water to gently wipe out the accessible and exposed areas, and allow them to dry completely. Once this is done, you are ready to charge your car battery.

A basic guide to charging a sealed car battery:

❶ Before you begin, be sure the charger is unplugged and turned off before connecting the red and black clamps.

❷ From car battery to charger, make the red to red connections, and then the black to black connections. Do not allow the ends to touch each other once they are connected to the battery. This can result in electrocution injuries.

❸ Set the charge rate lower for an extremely depleted battery to guarantee a complete charge. Do not exceed 50 amps unless you need to jump start the battery.

❹ Check on the battery and note its charge rate and battery temperature every hour or so. Charge-times can range anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on how discharged the batter was.

❺ Check the charge rate meter to determine if your battery is finished charging. It should read zero, or close to zero.

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