How to Determine if a Car is Totaled

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When a vehicle is totaled, it is considered a “total loss” since the value of the vehicle is significantly less than the cost to repair its damages. In this case, drivers typically accept a total loss financial settlement from their insurance carriers for the value of the vehicle right before the accident happened. The amount of compensation a car owner gets back depends on their coverage and benefits within their insurance policy. Full coverage with additional benefits, most often covers more than partial or liability coverage.

For those who are not insured, or have minimal coverage, little to no compensation is most likely. In fact, driving without insurance and causing an accident are criminal laws that are subject to legal penalties. So not only will an uninsured driver receive zero refund for their vehicle, they are likely to face criminal penalties like jail time, fines, fees, probation, or community service. Continue reading to learn what makes a car totaled, as well as, who to trust for superior automotive repair for vehicles that are not a total loss.

What Makes a Vehicle a Total Loss?

The state retains specific stipulations or requisites that gauge a vehicle’s value after a collision or accident. Most often, states decree that vehicles damaged more than 75% of the vehicle’s actual cash value, it is a total loss. So if a car is worth $4,000, but its damages will cost more than $3,000 to repair, it is considered a total loss by the state. Other states use an 80 percent damage scale, like Florida.

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Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-247-8484

A particular myth about totaled vehicles has to do with deployed air bags. It is true that most deployed air bags will turn a vehicle into a total loss due to the high cost of airbag replacement. The cost of damages plus the cost of airbag replacement often times results in more than 75% of the car’s cash value. This is more frequent in highly-depreciated or older model vehicles. Sometimes though, a deployed airbag does not always mean a vehicle is totaled.

New cars whose airbag deploys for braking suddenly will not make the car a total loss, it will simply just be an expensive repair. Vehicles that are damaged 50% to 70% can still be repaired after a bad wreck or accident! Front ends, dashboards, and more can all be fixed by a licensed auto repair technician. Be sure to compare quotes to get a fair deal, and only trust a licensed and experienced mechanic to get the job done right.

Where to Sell a Junk Car in Indianapolis

Towing and Recovery

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