How to Sell a Junk Car in Indianapolis Without a Car Title

Selling a junk car to a reputable salvage yard in Indianapolis is easy to do, but it does require proof of ownership. If you are ready to sell your junked vehicle, but seem to have misplaced the title, continue reading to learn what options you have and how to get started.

Indianapolis Cash for Cars 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Cash for Cars 317-247-8484

Lost, Stolen or Faulty Car Titles

If your car title is lost, stolen, or flawed, you have the option of having it replaced. To replace an Indiana certificate of title under these conditions, you would have to visit your local BMV to get approval to sell the vehicle. According to the BMV, “A person who owns a vehicle that has a certificate of title that is faulty, lost, or destroyed, or who is the possessor of an abandoned vehicle may apply to the BMV for authority to sell, give away, or dispose of the vehicle for scrap metal without applying for a certificate of title.”

The BMV goes on to say that they must give you an approved Certificate of Authority – Disposal of a Motor Vehicle – State Form 55018 to give to the automotive salvage recycler as proof of ownership. Visit the Indiana BMV website for more information about car titles and to download this form.

Getting Started

Once you have proof of ownership, whether that be the actual car title, or alternative documentation such as the registration or a Certificate of Authority, you can get started on selling your junk vehicle. Although there are various routes you can take to sell your junk vehicle, the process is made simplest when you trust Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars!

The STEP BY STEP Junk Car Selling Process:

Locate or obtain proof of ownership.

Call Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars at 317-247-8484 and tell us the year and model of your vehicle.

Receive an instant quote over the phone and accept our offer.

Schedule a time with our in-house truck to collect vehicle, free of charge.

Gather all of your personal belongings from the vehicle, including the license plate.

Have the title signed and ready for transfer when the tow truck arrives.

Receive Your Cash Payment on the Spot!

Your Right-hand Automotive Salvage Recyclers

Zore's Inc. 317-247-8484

Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484

Zore’s Inc. is the local automotive salvage recycler to trust for getting the most out of your clunker. For over 70 years, our auto salvage yard has paid out the highest returns for junk cars in Indianapolis, Indiana. Regardless of age or condition, we will pay you cash on the spot for your junk vehicle! Call 317-247-8484 to request free estimates or information, anytime!

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