Options for Towing a Car Long Distance

When you have to transport your car a long distance, whether in a cross country move or a spring break road trip, you will be faced with more than one option. Determining the best option for your car towing needs will depend on a few factors, including budget, resources, time, distance, and personal preference.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about towing vehicles long distances, including how to do it yourself, and how to enlist professional help.

Indianapolis 24 hour  Towing 317-247-8484
Indianapolis 24 hour Towing 317-247-8484

Long Distance Towing

You have two primary options when it comes to transporting a car a long distance. You can tow the vehicle yourself, or you can hire a professional car shipping company. There are pros and cons to each, all of which vary further depending on the factors mentioned before. What you can expect is that towing a vehicle is a serious responsibility that requires some forethought, and ideally, some experience.

Towing Your Own Car

If you choose to tow your own car, you can use a trailer, either a tow dolly or car carrier. If you use a tow dolly, the front wheels of your vehicle will be lifted, while its back wheels roll on the ground. If you choose a flatbed car carrier, your vehicle will be entirely lifted off the ground. Generally, car carriers are recommended for luxury vehicles, exotic vehicles, specialty cars, cars with missing parts or mechanical problems, and cars with very low front ends.

Although there could be some cost savings by opting to tow your own car, you must consider the initial investment of the trailer and related equipment, such as safety chains, straps, lights, pins, and more. Furthermore, without the proper experience, operating a vehicle that is towing a tow dolly can be challenging, and even dangerous. Both vehicles are subject to damage in the case of trailer swaying, missing curbs, blind spots, and even poor road conditions.

Professional Long Distance Towing

Hiring a professional company for long distance towing service is more beneficial because it is a one-stop-shop for all your car transportation needs. First, most car transportation businesses use car carriers for long distance towing, which means vehicles are very safe and secure for the duration of the trip. Additionally, a professional company relieves you of the stress and responsibility of navigating a long distance road trip with a trailer behind you. This also saves you money on fuel! Even if you are only transporting your car a short distance, like to the next city or town, a professional company can provide you with all the amenities and benefits that make the cost to hire worth it.

Where to Find a Long Distance Towing Company in Indiana

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