What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck in Mud

There is a lot of rain happening in our region this time of year, which means everything that’s dirt turns to mud. To make matters worse, this mud can sometimes be hiding thick, unforgiving clay that acts like a vacuum to anything that has the misfortune of falling in. All of these factors increase the chances of getting your vehicle stuck in a patch of stubborn mud. If this happens to you, be prepared by knowing exactly what to do. Continue reading to learn more.

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Getting stuck in mud is just as common as getting stuck in snow or in a ditch. In fact, as a driver, you are more likely to face such a scenario at least once in your life than not. For this reason and more, it is wise to be prepared for if it happens, but also, to know how to prevent this exasperating traffic set back.

How to Get Your Car Out of Mud

Basically, to get a car unstuck from mud, you need traction. And in order to gain traction, you will need a combination of supplies and method. If you have snow chains, put them on and see how well they work. They will almost always pull you out of mud. If you do not have a set of snow chains on hand, which is usually the case for most, rely on these tips instead:

🚧 For front wheel-drive vehicles, add more weight to the trunk.

🚧 Clear the mud away from each tire, front and back.

🚧 If possible, pour sand or cat litter in front of or behind (depending on FWD or 4WD) each tire.

🚧 Place cardboard or floor mats in front of or behind (depending on FWD or 4WD) each tire. You can also use anything else on hand, like blankets, clothing, coats, or towels.

🚧 Use the rocking method by pressing the gas ever so slightly every time the vehicle rocks forward. DO NOT allow someone to stand behind the vehicle and push.

🚧 When all else fails, contact a local towing company for help. After all, that’s what they’re here for!

24 Hour Towing Service in Indianapolis

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