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Frequently Asked Questions
About Metal Recycling
  • Which Metals Can I Recycle?

    Virtually all metals can be recycled! This includes nonferrous and ferrous metals. Examples of recyclable metals include aluminum, iron, tin, steel, copper, brass, nickel, chromium, tungsten, cobalt, zirconium, and much more. At Zore’s, the types of metals we recycle is endless!

  • What is the Difference between Ferrous and Nonferrous Metal?

    The term “ferrous” means “containing iron”, so ferrous metals are simply metals that contain iron. Examples of ferrous metals include iron and steel. In contrast, nonferrous metals contain no appreciable amounts of iron. Examples of nonferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminum, and bronze.

  • How Do I Determine if Metal is Ferrous or Nonferrous?

    Use a magnet to determine the difference. If the magnet sticks, it contains iron and is ferrous. But, if it doesn’t stick, your metal doesn’t contain iron, which means it is nonferrous. A simple way to remember this is, “non-magnetic = nonferrous.”

  • Which Metals are Worth the Most Money at Scrap Yards?

    Generally, nonferrous metals like copper and brass are worth more money at metal recycling centers and scrap metal yards. This is because their market values are higher since the demand for them is higher, and their availability is lower. On the other hand, ferrous metals like steel and iron are abundant, so market values are generally lower, which means vendors pay less money for them. The amount of money you receive for your scrap metal is entirely dependent on their current market values.

  • Does it Cost Money to Recycle Metal?

    No! In fact, you can MAKE money recycling scrap metal at the right place! Many long-standing and reputable scrap metal recycling centers pay cash on the spot for metal, as well as, commodities containing metal. The benefit you will make recycling metal will depend on the amount of metal you have and the value of that metal.

  • What Items Can Be Recycled for their Metal?

    There are various commodities that contain metal components that can be recycled. This includes food cans, appliances, copper wiring, electronics, power tools, construction equipment, plumbing pipes, sheet-metal, and anything with a motor (i.e. cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, scooters, forklifts, etc.). It also includes anything else made of metal, such as trash cans, furniture, décor, and more.

  • Which Items are Not Accepted Scrap Metal Recycling Yards?

    There are various commodities and items that will be rejected by scrap metal recycling centers and junk yards for safety concerns as well as convenience. These items include lead acid batteries, anything with Asbestos exposure, mercury switches, refrigerators, anything containing Freon, anything with LCD screens, sealed or pressurized drums, firearms, explosives, fuel or anything still containing fuel, anything with cathode rays, un-punctured aerosol cans, municipal property (i.e. street signs), organic waste, anything radioactive, and much more.

  • How Much Metal Do I Need To Sell to a Scrap Metal Recycling Center?

    In most cases, scrap metal recycling centers will accept any quantity of metal you have. Whether it’s a gold necklace or a junk car, they will take it off your hands. The more metal you have, the more money you get. If you have small metal items, it is recommended to create a stockpile and then sell it all at once to make the most money at one time.

  • How Many Pounds are in One Ton?

    There are 2000 pounds in one ton. It might also be helpful to know that there are 16 ounces per pound, and 28.35 grams in 1 ounce.

  • Where Can I Find the Current Market Values for Metal?

    The best place to look for the current scrap metal prices is the Internet. There are various portals to choose from that display current market values for the most popular metals, as well as, current metal buying trends, stock options, recent news, and more. Also, these portals are generally free of charge.

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