Learn How to Properly Research Auto Auctions in your Town

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Auto auctions can be a fantastic way to buy or sell a car. This is especially true for those who wish to purchase a car at a great low rate. Car auctions are popular all across the country, in every single state! They typically occur only once a month, but every month. This means if you miss an opportunity to buy a new or used vehicle at your local auto auction, you can try again the following month.

The dealership secret and trick behind buying a new car is to purchase it at wholesale cost. These are fantastic events that can provide endless opportunities to great deals and profitable buys; however, one must put in their due diligence and learn as much as they possibly can about auto auctions before attending one.

Where to Start

When it comes to learning about accidents, there to principal methods in obtaining the proper information you need for successful outcome. The first method is to take advantage of your online resources. And the second method is to utilize the local classified advertisements in your local newspaper.

The Internet and online resources are a great place to start if you’re interested in attending an auto auction in purchasing a car, new or used. It’s recommended to simply Google a term “auto auctions” followed by the city, county, or town you live in. The search results should show directories that include all of the scheduled auctions in your town or nearby counties. It may also show results for specific companies and their websites that offer regular auto auction services. Investigate both avenues, but keep in mind that it is recommended to attend local auto auctions sponsored by an actual company with high marks and reputable credentials. If you can’t find it in an auto auction in your state in the timeframe you desire, look into neighboring state automotive auctions and public sales.

As for newspapers and classified ads, many people are unaware that these are fantastic resources to buying a new or used vehicle. Newspaper ads are commonly overlooked as useful and effective ways to purchase a new vehicle. Newspapers are a fantastic resource for finding auto auctions because it is mandated by law for bankruptcy auctions to be listed in the local newspapers. By finding these types of auctions in your local classified ads, you have an advantage right away. These are not your normal auto and property auctions, therefore not many people know about them. They do not typically attract a lot of attention from routine bidders.

Indianapolis Auto Auctions

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Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to hear about our Indianapolis auto auctions provided every Wednesday at 4 PM. We have been in business since the early 1900’s, providing exceptional and personable towing services, roadside assistance services, automotive auctions, cash for junk cars, metal recycling, and more. Call 317-247-8484 to speak with a friendly and helpful representative, today!

Tips for First-Time Auto Auction Attendees

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

One of the most cost-effective resources for local car buying are public auto auctions. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to provide spare parts, or limited by a strict budget, car auctions guarantee bargain prices and instantaneous gratification. But if you have never attended an auto auction before, you need to prepare yourself with some pertinent auto auction car buying knowledge about if you wish to give it a try. Continue reading for some first time auto auction tips that may help you get the deal of a lifetime.

Getting Started is Easy!

Many people are threatened by the word, “auction”, because it is often associated with fast talking, unclear buying terms, and a competitive market. But local auto auctions are not exactly what you see on television and in the movies; it is actually easy to place a bid in a local auto auction. Easier than you think! All you need is the right knowledge to place a successful bid you won’t regret. Look below for the tips you need to do just that!

🚗 Set a Budget and Stick to It

When it comes to auto auctions, the most important tips is to set a budget that is realistic and effective for you, and then stick to that budget no matter what opportunities or prices you encounter on the bidding grounds. Also keep in mind that there are additional costs on top of the vehicle’s selling price, such as an auction fee, prep fee, and taxes; so be sure to add these into your budget before you attend the auction.

🚗 Check With Your Bank About Financing Options

If you are eligible for a cash or car loan, and you can afford to take on new debt, you may want to check with your bank about your particular options. By adding to your budget, you can get a better quality car, which means a higher quality investment. See if you can get pre-approved before attending an auction.

🚗 Inspect the Inventory

It is important to look at each individual vehicle before placing any bids. Pay close attention to small mechanical details, like power windows, seat warmers, lights, and air conditioning. Be sure to make yourself fully aware of their engine and performance conditions. It is recommended to even bring a mechanic with you during this process. And do not hesitate to run a Carfax® report on the spot for any vehicle of interest.

🚗 Get Yourself Registered

Upon a moderate registration fee, many auctions permit pre-bidding before the auction actually begins. This helps to get the “cream of the crop” before the rest of the public is allowed in to bid. Registration terms and fees vary among auctions, but registering simply requires filling out a card.

🚗 Controlling Your Bids

Since you’ve set a budget, you know when to stop raising your card as the auctioneer gushes out prices. Continue raising your card for the vehicle you want, and then stop once the auctioneer hits your limit. If you win within your budget, go to the cashier, pay, get your receipt, and then show your receipt to the parking lot staff who will let you drive off in your new vehicle!

Indianapolis Auto Auctions

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for details about our public auto auctions held every other Wednesday at 4 o’clock. Enjoy fantastic steals on cars, trucks, auto parts, and more!

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What Does Roadside Assistance Offer?

Roadside Assistance Service 317-247-8484

Roadside Assistance Service 317-247-8484

Many drivers have roadside assistance insurance for protection and security in the case of an emergency. This type of insurance is a wonderful resource for anyone who drives regularly, especially for new or adolescent drivers. Even if someone doesn’t have roadside assistance coverage under their insurance policy, they can still outsource these services from a local towing company. There are several roadside assistance services available 24 hours a day for a nominal fee.

Simply contact your local trusted wrecker service and request whatever type of vehicular assistance you need. Continue reading to learn what exactly roadside assistance services have to offer.

Emergency Roadside Services

There are several services offered by such companies. The four main reasons why roadside assistance services are outsourced on a daily basis by thousands of drivers all across the country are flat tires, lock-outs, dead batteries, and empty gas tanks. So if a person is driving down the road and all of a sudden their tire blows out, they are stranded in that spot until they can change the tire. Well many people know how to change a tire; but what if they don’t have a spare on them? Or what about those who cannot change a tire, but have a spare? This is a perfect example of when a roadside service can be beneficial.

If a person loses their car keys, or locks them inside a running vehicle, a roadside assistance technician can quickly retrieve or replace them for a small fee. If someone needs a jump-start but they don’t have another vehicle or jumper cables to do it, a roadside assistance service can be there in a flash and jump-start the car right away.

Another example of when these services are helpful is if a car breaks down and needs to be towed to an auto repair shop. Roadside assistance can provide a safe and secure tow to the body shop of your choice, no matter what time of day or night. The same goes for empty fuel tanks. If a person runs out of gas, a roadside assistance technician will show up with fuel to get them back on the road in no time!

There are additional services they offer as well. Aside from fuel re-fills, jump-starts, lock-outs, and tires, roadside car service can also provide fluid changes, like antifreeze or motor oil, and they can also pull a vehicle out of a snowbank or ditch, or if its stuck in mud. These services are fast and they save drivers money.

Zore’s Indy

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for fast and affordable roadside assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We are licensed and experienced wreckers that provide roadside assistance for all make and model vehicles, trucks, trailers, and more! And best of all, our rates are the most competitive in town! Call 317-247-8484 for Indianapolis roadside assistance services today.

What is an Impound Car Auction?

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Indianapolis Auto Auctions 317-247-8484

Impound auto auctions are a fantastic way to get an incredible deal on a vehicle. Anyone can get a car or truck in good condition, for a fraction of its actual market value! This is why impound auctions have become such a popular and lucrative car buying method for thousands of men and women across the country. The best type of car auctions to attend are those hosted by well-known and established businesses in related industries; like scrap metal yards, junk car lots, wrecker companies, and more. This is where you want to go to get the best deals on used vehicles. Continue reading to learn what impound car auctions are, how they work, and where you can find one for yourself.

Auto Auctions

There are many types of auto auctions, some are limited to only vehicles that have been impounded by police or other permitted authorities, while others also auction off abandoned or junk vehicles. In fact, many auto auctions auction off more than just vehicles. There are several sites that also auction scrap metal, tools, construction equipment, appliances, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, water-crafts, and more. You can certainly find an eclectic selection of treasures, all at a super-discounted price, at most local auto auctions.

Impound auto auctions are almost always hosted by the town’s DMV or some other authorized party. They only deal with impounded and confiscated vehicles. As mentioned, these vehicles are typically repossessed or seized by police for various reasons; such as traffic violations, unpaid tickets, abandonment, defaulted loan payments, fraudulence, and more. For this reason, vehicles at impound auto auctions are not likely junk cars and trucks. They are usually in good condition, and sometimes, even brand new. These were vehicles that people were driving on a daily basis, until it was collected by the rightful authorities.

Impound auto auctions are held on a weekly or monthly basis, and open to the general public. They are a great way to purchase a vehicle in good condition, at a price you couldn’t ever negotiate at a car dealership. Contact your local wrecker company or junk car lot for information about the time, date, and location of your town’s next auto auction. This will likely be your best source for auto auctions and related information.

Indianapolis Auto Auctions

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Towing and Recovery Indianapolis Indiana 317-247-8484

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for information about our highly anticipated Indianapolis auto auctions and locations, today. We are a family owned and operated wrecker, body shop, and auto auction business that has been serving the Hoosier communities for more than 80 years! We hold auto auctions, open to the public, every Wednesday at 4 o’clock on our company’s private grounds. Call 317-247-8484 for location details, or for auto auction information in Indianapolis, IN.