Important Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore a Check Engine Light

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Used Auto Parts for Sale 317-247-8484

The engine is arguably one of the most significant mechanisms in a vehicle. The engine is like the heart of the vehicle, so when it is not functioning properly, neither is the rest of the car. This is why routine maintenance and parts replacement are so important to the overall performance value, safety, and longevity of your car. This same principle applies to all other commodities and machines that operate on a motor, such as lawn mowers, jet skis, boats, construction equipment, farming equipment, and more. Regardless of what they make “go”, all engines require routine maintenance in order for them to remain in good condition.

One of the most common mistakes drivers make is ignoring engine problems. This is what the Check Engine Light is there for; it warns you when something is not quite right with the vehicle. Never ignore an illuminated check engine light. If there is something malfunctioning inside your engine, it can potentially cause irreversible damage that could have been avoided if addressed earlier. If too much damage has occurred, you could be required to replace the engine entirely. Having the check engine light diagnosed is worth avoiding premature engine replacement and repair.

When the Check Engine Light is ON

The Check Engine Light is referred to as a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) in the automotive industry. When a vehicle’s Check Engine Light is illuminated, it means something is wrong. These lights are programed and designed to give warning when anything is malfunctioning or interrupted. So when the Check Engine Light is illuminated or flashing, address it immediately by scheduling an inspection with a licensed mechanic.

There several reasons why a Check Engine Light can come on, all of which range on a spectrum of minor and minuscule, to major and expensive. If a Check Engine Light isn’t addressed in a timely manner, a car owner can only expect further damage to their vehicle, which also diminishes safety while driving. Furthermore, whatever it is that is causing the Check Engine Light to come on will only get more expensive and tedious to repair as time goes on.

Common Causes

As mentioned, there are several reasons for a CE light to illuminate or flash. The less-serious reasons include electrical problems, loose gas cap, or faulty spark plugs. The more serious and costly reasons could include a wet or flooded engine, fuel injection problems, bad O2 sensors, cracked manifolds, blown gasket head, and more. It is better for a professional to diagnose the problem, whatever it may be. They retain the proper industry training, equipment, and resources to effectively identify and repair an engine problem. Be sure to hire a reputable and experienced auto motive repair technician.

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Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484

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