Actual Tips You Can Use to Save Cash on Fuel

Every week, as gas prices continue increase, drivers everywhere continue to stress over saving fuel and money. The best way to combat these imminent exponential fuel prices is by getting the most from every mile you get per gallon. We’re talking about improving gas mileage. But how can you do this with the driving schedule you are obligated to comply with every week? Considering work, daycare drop offs, taking the kids to school, going to the gym, and more, it can be difficult finding ways to change your driving mileage. The answer is simple, and it only requires a little comprehension and preparation.

Continue reading to learn easy methods to improving gas mileage and saving on fuel costs.

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Tips for Increasing Gas Mileage

The first thing to know about increasing your gas mileage is to not trust the additives and products sold on the market that claim to give you better gas mileage.  They just do not work. Their claims are unsubstantiated, and their studies are inconclusive, making them a huge waste of money. If you want effective fuel saving strategies, then start by trying out some new methods to increasing gas mileage. The first step to improving fuel mileage has to do with you, while the ensuing steps involve making changes to your vehicle.

Empty the Trunk

Keeping heavy items or cargo in the trunk of a vehicle can drastically reduce gas mileage. The heavier a car is, the more fuel it needs to operate. By getting rid of golf clubs, luggage, toolboxes, trash, clothes, and more, you can instantly reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle uses to run.

Change Your Driving Habits

This is the best way to get immediate results for saving on fuel costs and increasing gas mileage is to change the way you drive. BY simply driving smoother and slowing down, you can drastically reduce the amount of fuel your car uses each day. Avoid extended idling as much as possible. Try not to rush; avoid coming to abrupt stops and don’t take off real fast. Avoiding fast full-throttle accelerations stops your vehicle from using up a bunch of fuel on each drive. This includes highway and interstate driving. Many people believe taking the highway is more fuel-efficient, but this isn’t always true. It mostly depends on the type of vehicle, but in almost all cases, faster driving equals more fuel consumption.

Car Pool

Try carpooling or even taking the bus a few times a week. Bus transportation is not what it used to be, and is a much more pleasant experience than it was a few years back. Buses are cleaner and their routes are expanding to the suburbs and outer-city areas. It is a cheap and convenient method to daily transportation. Taking the bus, even one time a week, can save a driver hundreds of dollars of gas in a year’s time! For those who do not have access to a bus route or station, there is also carpooling. You can start a carpool club at work with a few co-workers, or use a carpooling app on your smart phone to locate local participating programs and schedules. There are also several online resources to find reputable and safe carpooling programs.

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