Information About Car Airbag Systems

The airbag system in a car or truck is easily one of the most vital vehicular components for driver and passenger safety. Getting to know these systems and how they work is highly beneficial and can even save lives. Because airbags work in a matter of milliseconds, they are complex and complicated systems to understand, none-the-less, to repair. Start off by learning what airbags are made of and what their intended manufactured purpose is, as well as, faulty airbags, recycled airbags, and more. Continue reading for information about these topics and more.

We Buy Airbag Deployed Junk Cars! 317-247-8484

We Buy Airbag Deployed Junk Cars! 317-247-8484


Airbags are made from stretchable and flexible fabric or fibers that are durable and strong. They are compactly packaged and strategically positioned throughout a vehicle to provide immediate protection against a sudden impact or collision. Depending on the make, model, and year of a vehicle, it may have airbags in the front dashboards, passenger dashes, interior siding, head rests, and more. Typically, the newer the vehicle, the more airbags it’s likely to have.

When a vehicle’s crash sensors detect an impact, the airbag system is alerted within milliseconds to deploy. Airbag deployment is intended to prevent head injuries, ejection from vehicles, orthopedic injuries, and death. It is important to know that an airbag system is designed to work in conjunction with a vehicle’s seatbelt. If a driver or passenger are not wearing seat belts at the time of deployment, the airbags might not be able to deliver the security they are capable of and intended to do.

Crash sensors are tiny electronics that are embedded all throughout a vehicle. Without properly functioning crash sensors, an airbag system is rendered useless. They are designed to detect impacts, sudden braking, collisions, and similar vehicular damages. These sensors measure everything from wheel speed to the number of passengers in a vehicle. They can also relay messages to the airbag system’s control unit to activate automatic features like door and seat belt lock.

Do You Have a Total Loss Vehicle?

When an airbag deploys, most vehicles are considered a total loss. You can choose to file an insurance claim, or you can sell it yourself. If you are someone you love experienced an accident that involves airbag deployment, trust Zore’s Inc. for fast and professional accident clearance services. We will tow your totaled vehicle to any location of your choice within Central Indiana, and for an affordable price.

Towing and Recovery

Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484

If you do not wish to file an insurance claim for your vehicle, sell it to us for cash instead. We buy all make and model vehicles, regardless of condition. And we pay the highest imbursements for junk cars in Indianapolis. Call 317-247-8484 to learn more about our towing and recovery services, junk car buyers, and more. Request a free estimate, anytime.

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