Advantages of Re-Manufactured Car Engines

When your car breaks down or will not run any longer, there are better alternatives than purchasing a brand new engine, or shopping around for a new vehicle altogether. Today, rebuilt car engines are becoming a popular alternative to these two expensive options. However, very few drivers are aware of the benefits associated with installing a remanufactured engine.

Continue reading to learn more about used auto parts, including how a rebuilt car engine is a sufficient alternative to purchasing a new car or motor.

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Used Auto Parts for Sale 317-244-0700

Rebuilt Car Engines

The main benefit of purchasing a rebuilt car engine is its low cost. Not only are rebuilt engines cheaper than new ones, they are priced at an affordable rate for anyone on a budget. So even though a new engine is thousands of dollars, a remanufactured one is cheap in its own right. A rebuilt engine is a used motor that has been dismantled, cleaned, upgraded, re-powered, and reconditioned.

Many times, new auto parts are used to replace old, worn out ones; such as gaskets, valves, crankshafts, and more. You can expect to pay upwards of one thousand dollars or more for a new engine, and even more for a new car; while on the other hand, a remanufactured engine will only set you back a few hundred dollars or so, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Popular make and model rebuilt engines are Toyota, Honda, and Ford.

The other great advantage of purchasing and installing a rebuilt car engine has to do with OEM specifications. Before, used and reconditioned auto parts did not meet the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) guidelines and specifications; but today, many rebuilt engines are OEM approved! With OEM approved remanufactured car engines, vehicles are more likely to operate smoother and more efficiently.

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