Car Noises That Suggest You Need to Pull Over and Call a Tow Truck

One day your car sounds normal, and then out of nowhere, you hear something strange as you drive. There are many foreboding noises that a car can generate when it is experiencing mechanical or performance issues. While some sounds are nothing to be concerned about, others are quite serious. So serious in fact, the best thing to do is pull over and call a towing company. You can cause a significant amount of damage to your vehicle if you continue to drive it while it’s having automotive troubles.

What does your car or truck sound like when you drive? Scroll down to review come serious automotive noises that are so urgent, you should not drive your vehicle a mile further.

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Listening to Your Car is Part of Safe Driving

While driving, if you hear any of these sounds, or noises that might be described similarly, it is wise to pull over and contact an Indianapolis towing company to have your vehicle safely transported to your mechanic, or even back to your home until you choose an auto repair shop.

Screeching From the Front End

One of the most concerning noises that can emit from a vehicle is screeching. What we usually think of when we imagine slamming on the brakes, this noise comes from under the hood and is generally indicative of a loose or deteriorated serpentine belt. You need a functioning serpentine belt because it works along side your alternator, radiator fan, air conditioner compressor, water pump, and power steering pump.

Persistent Chugging, Rattling or Hissing

Is your car working hard to drive? Or while it’s at a stop? Does it sound like chugging or rattling? This could mean your exhaust system is in decline. Rattling noises are more indicative of misalignment, while a persistent chug could indicate a blockage. If you hear hissing, the exhaust system could have a crack.

Low-Pitched Whirring or Humming

If you are hearing a low-pitched whirring or humming noise coming from your vehicle, whether you are in drive or idle, can be suggestive of several mechanical problems. Nonetheless, this sound is a problem, and because it’s so ambiguous in nature, you will need a mechanic to diagnose the issue. It could be anything from lack of differential lubricant to worn wheel bearings, damaged universal joints, and transmission failure.

Squealing or Grinding From Under the Vehicle

When you hear squealing noises coming from the hood, it is likely a worn or broken serpentine belt. But if you are hearing squealing and grinding noises from underneath you or behind you, it might mean your brake pads are worn. This is an immediate auto service need.

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