Recommended Towing Accessories for Motorcycles

For whatever reason you need to transport your motorcycle, flatbed towing is the best method to accomplish a safe and smooth journey. But be sure that you are properly equipped with all the right tools, materials, and equipment before hitting the road. With a reliable towing vehicle with the correct towing capacity and a flatbed trailer all set up, the only other things you need are things that will help secure your bike in the trailer.

Continue reading to learn some of the top recommended towing accessories for hauling a motorcycle on a flatbed trailer, as well as where to get professional towing assistance for bikes and more right here in Central Indiana.

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Flatbed Motorcycle Towing Basics

There are many other methods of towing a motorcycle, like using a two-wheel motorcycle trailer or motorcycle towing cradles (also called receiver hitch motorcycle caddies and motorcycle trailer hitch dollies), swivel wheel motorcycle trailers, and fifth wheel motorcycle trailers. But flatbed trailers are the easiest and most secure method for those who are not experienced with towing a motorcycle. They offer plenty of space for a bike, as well as other kinds of cargo. Plus, loading and unloading is made easier with the level surface. Some flatbed trailers have room for more than one motorcycle, which is great for towing vehicles with the proper towing capacity for multiple bikes.

What You Need to Tow a Motorcycle With a Flatbed Trailer

To tow your motorcycle with your flatbed trailer and hitch set up, you will obviously need some tow straps, preferably nylon for strength and durability, as well as ratcheting. Simply connect and secure these straps to the front and rear suspension forks; never connect them over the seat or bodywork.

In addition to nylon straps and ratcheting, there are some towing accessories that are strongly encouraged for flatbed motorcycle towing, including a motorcycle rail, wheel cradle, or wheel chock. These pieces of equipment will better secure and lock your motorcycle into place in the back of the trailer.

Motorcycle Rail – A motorcycle rail is simply a long cavernous piece of metal that has the proper width to secure the tires. There are models that strap into place, and others that must be drilled into the flatbed trailer.

Wheel Cradle – A wheel cradle is metal rail that is in the shape of a C, and designed to cradle the front wheel of a motorbike. Some models are strap-style, and others have to be drilled into the bed of the trailer.

Wheel Chock – A wheel chock is a contraption that allows you to lock the bike wheel directly into the towing vehicle’s hitch tube.

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Zore's Inc. 317-247-8484
Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484