Learn Why Your Cell Phone Won’t Stay Charged

Is your cell phone battery constantly losing its charge?  Does the battery fail after charging it the same day?  Continue reading to learn why you might be having problems with your cell phone battery, as well as, what to do with your defective mobile device if you can’t get it to work.

E-Waste Recycling Services 317-247-8484
E-Waste Recycling Services 317-247-8484

Basics of Cell Phone Batteries

Although cell phone technology has changed rapidly over the years, the design and makeup of cell batteries has not.  Cell phone batteries are lithium-ion based, with a standard lifespan of two to three years.  Generally, these batteries will keep a cellular phone charged for a few days.  They are proven to be quite efficient as power sources for mobile phones.

Ten years ago, it was common to see cell phones that only allotted one hour of talk time.  Although 24 hours of standby phone use would follow, the phone would then have to be charged, usually overnight, to regain power.  Phones today use so much more processing, but they can stay charged much longer; usually three to four hours of talk time, and two to three days of standby. 

With all this updated technology and upgrades, why do cell phone users still experience problems with battery power?

When manufacturers test cell phone batteries, they base it off of normal use only.  This entails calling and receiving calls, and voicemail.  In cell phones today, such as the iPhone5 and Android phones, there is much more going on besides the typical phone call.  Even when we are not using them, apps and other features are working and processing. 

For example, emails are being sent, internet is being browsed, mobile apps and GPS systems are turned on, roaming and signal locating, and much more.  All this and more causes out cell phone batteries to lose power more quickly.  So if you charge your phone overnight, only for it to lose power the next day, look into the amount of processing your phone is doing on a daily basis. 

? To reduce losing battery power, reduce the amount of processing on your mobile device.  The more features used on a phone, the more energy will be used.

Can’t Get Your Battery to Work?

Sometimes, cell phones reach the end of their lifespan, and it is time to get a new one. This is especially true for older model phones and mobile devices, as well as, all other electronics. Fortunately, there is still a way to make your broken phone good for something one last time…

Recycle Your Old Phone for Cash!

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