Your Car Care Checklist for the Fall Season

The winter snow is not here quite yet, which means there is still plenty of driving to do this season. Before you are stuck inside for the winter, be sure you take full advantage of our beautiful and ambient fall Indiana weather. But be sure you also take good care of your vehicle so that it remains a safe and reliable means of transportation for you all season long.

Continue reading to review your car care checklist for fall, and who to call for new and used auto parts, towing, body shop work, or 24 hour roadside assistance in Indianapolis.

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Automotive Maintenance Checklist for Fall Driving

Use these bullet points and tips in accordance with your vehicle’s owners’ manual instructions to ensure your car is ready to hit the pavement, safely and efficiently. After all, you don’t want a fuel leak or breakdown to get in the way of your Fall fun!

Heating and Cooling

Although the fall is known for cooler temperatures, here in Indiana, you never know when a hot front might come in. Be sure that both your heating and cooling systems are functional and working optimally, for season-long comfort.

Windshield Wipers

Your windshield in the front and rear should have functional wipers. Check them out and be sure they are quality products. Also check that your car has plenty of windshield wiper fluid for as-needed cleaning and visibility.

Vehicle Lights

Both interior and exterior vehicular lighting should be perfectly functional. This includes interior lights like overhead lights, visor lights, and trunk lights, as well as, exterior lights, such as parking lights, hazards, brake lights, brights, turn signals, and more.


Your car brakes are the most important for both safety and property damage protection. Have them inspection if you suspect that they are functioning less than manufacturer standards.


Tires should have proper air pressure, at around 45 or 50 psi. They should also be routinely balanced and rotated for optimal driving and fuel efficiency. Also be sure your spare tire is in good condition, and replace it if necessary.

Automotive Fluids

We already mentioned windshield wiper fluid, but be sure the remaining 6 vital automotive fluids are filled and replaced as needed. This includes motor oil, brake fluid, battery fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid (coolant), and power steering fluid. Also be sure your gas tank is filled!

Filters and More

Your car’s filters should be replaced on a routine basis, as instructed by the auto manufacturer. This includes air filters, fuel filters, and transmission filters.

Be sure your car battery is charged and ready to go, especially if you are setting out on a long-distance road trip. Remember, cooler temperatures can affect your battery’s condition and overall performance.

Have your vehicle’s exhaust system inspected for any damage or carbon monoxide leaks. With the windows typically closed in a car during fall, a CO2 leak can be especially dangerous.

Equip your car with essential tools and supplies, such as the spare tire mentioned before. Other handy tools include an ice scraper, emergency roadside kit, tire pressure gauge, and jumper cables.

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Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for auto parts, body shop work, and more in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide a wide variety of community services for all of Central Indiana, including towing and recovery, roadside assistance, new and used auto parts, metal recycling services, auto salvaging, property management, and much more. We operate on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so we can always be there for you no matter what time or day you need us! And as a fully-certified and licensed company, you can expect prompt and professional service you can trust.

Zore's Inc. 317-247-8484
Zore’s Inc. 317-247-8484

Should I Call a Tow Truck if My Check Engine Light Comes On?

It’s happened to almost all of us before; we get into our cars, turn the ignition, and there it is, blinking vigorously or blaring with a constant glow. We are talking about check engine lights! What should you do when you notice your check engine light is on? Should you call a tow truck to have it transported to your local mechanic? Or is your car still safe to drive for a while? These are all common questions asked by car owners and drivers when their check engine lights illuminate. So, what are the answers to these questions?

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about check engine light causes and recommended courses of action.

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Check Engine Light Basics

Check engine lights are also known as malfunctioning indicator lamps (MIL). When ones lights up, it could mean several different things, from very small and self-fixable, to very serious and costly to repair. For these reasons, it is quite necessary to have your vehicle inspected by a professional automotive repair company as soon as your check engine light comes on. After all, that is the message it is sending to you! It’s telling you to have your engine checked!

A professional auto shop will use modern technologies and diagnostic equipment to read the code for a check engine light. But if you ignore a check engine light, you could be setting yourself up for future complications and costly repairs. Not only can an ignored check engine light lead to expensive car repairs, it can put your safety, your passenger’s safety, and the safety of other drivers in jeopardy.

Here are some of the most common reasons why check engine lights turn on:

➣ Flooded or Wet Engine
➣ Pinched or Worn-Out Fuel Injection Rings
➣ Deteriorated Spark Plugs
➣ Defective Oxygen (O2) Censors
➣ A Blown Gasket Head
➣ Cracked Manifold
➣ Loose Hose
➣ Residue Buildup on Exhaust Valves
➣ Electrical Problems

Should You Drive or Should You Get a Tow?

So, should you drive it to your auto shop, or have it towed? The answer is not so clear cut. If your check engine light comes on in the middle of a road trip, and you are far away from a town, it is wise to contact a towing company so that you do not over-drive your vehicle when there is a mechanical problem. On the other hand, if your check engine light comes on, and you are close to an auto shop, you can likely drive it there without doing any further damage. Overall, the choice is yours. It is recommended to never drive when a check engine light is on, but as mentioned, in some cases, you can make it to a nearby location.

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