What Do I Do If My Car is Towed?

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It’s a repetitive scenario faced by hundreds of Hoosiers every single day. A person parks their vehicle, gets out of their vehicle, and then comes back to their vehicle, but it’s gone. Now sometimes this is because their vehicle has been stolen; but as for the remaining 95% of missing cars in Indiana, towing is the actual reason. Cars and trucks are towed every day for several reasons, but mostly for illegal parking and repossessions.

Other reasons a car or truck might be towed away include prolonged abandonment, expired plates, suspended license, unpaid parking tickets, unpaid traffic fines, unregistered vehicles, and other violations of the law. So if you are ever one of the many drivers whose vehicles go missing one day, don’t panic. Instead, follow the simple three-step guide for what to do is your vehicle is towed in Indiana. Continue reading to review these three steps, and who to call for exceptional and friendly towing services or roadside assistance in your neighborhood.

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As soon as you are aware that your car or truck is no longer in the same spot you parked it in before, it is important to relax and take a deep breath, and then review your surroundings. Double check that you didn’t park somewhere else and forgot. If you are sure that your car was parked in a certain spot and is no longer there, always assume it has been towed, not stolen. For this reason, it is best to follow the next three steps to locate your vehicle.

First Step

As mentioned, never first assume that your car or truck was stolen. It is far more likely that it was towed for some reason or another. With this assumption, the first step to take once you are aware you vehicle is missing is to investigate the parking lot, road, or area for signs. And when we say signs, we mean actual street signs that indicate parking regulations. These signs are generally red and white (may vary from county to county) and contain information on parking rules and regulations for that particular parking district. It should contain times and days that parking is permitted, as well as, the contact information of the towing company that manages the lot or road. To find these signs, look at sides of buildings, poles, posts, and gates.

Second Step

Acquire the contact information of the local towing company assigned to the parking district your vehicle was parked in, and call the number listed. A receptionist or company representative will answer and ask you for some information. Be prepared to provide your name, vehicle make and model, your phone number, and the location your vehicle was parked at. If your car was towed for illegal parking purposes, then they should have it. If they do not have any record of your vehicle, then you may need to make some other considerations.

If you are leasing your vehicle and making monthly installments, it is still possible your car or truck was towed, but not by the parking district towing company. A leased vehicle can be repossessed by the dealership or bank for failing to make payments on time. Call your dealership and provide them the same information given above. If they too have no record of your vehicle being towed or repossessed, then it may have been stolen. At this time, you need to call the police to file a report.

Third Step

If you have made it to this step, it means you have contacted the towing company and received confirmation that it was indeed towed for illegal parking purposes. Now you need to locate all the necessary legal documents to prove ownership of the vehicle, and present these documents, as well as a cash fine in the amount requested by the company (anywhere from $100 to $500 usually), to regain custody of your vehicle. Documents include the vehicle’s title and registration (must be in your name), proof of insurance, your driver’s license, and perhaps more depending on the county and tow company. Get a ride to the tow yard and present these documents and payments and the car is yours again! Keep in mind that fees increase by the day. So the longer it is in the tow yard, the more costly it is to get it out.

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