How to Search for New and Used Auto Parts in Indiana

When you need a new part for your vehicle, the thought of paying full price for a brand new one can cause a panic. Automotive parts are not typically cheap, and most also have to pay for installation. Furthermore, car parts can be difficult to come across, or take a long time to ship to your state, especially if you drive an older or rare car. However, find solace in the fact that there are easier and more affordable options that exist for car owners, and they are not too hard to find.

Continue reading to learn how to locate the needed auto part for your car or truck here in Indiana, and who to trust for quality parts at fair prices.

Auto Parts Indiana 317-247-8484
New and Used Car Parts for Sale 317-247-8484

New and Used Auto Parts

You have the option of choosing between buying a new auto part, or a used one. If you want to save some money, a used auto part is a wise choice. There are refurbished and OEM auto parts available. A refurbished, or remanufactured, auto part is a used auto part that has been professionally re-manufactured back to new working condition according to industry standards, and generally come with warranties.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are manufactured by the auto maker of your vehicle. When buying used auto parts, you can easily protect yourself from a bad purchase by asking your seller about the warranty, price, and return policy. See our blog, “FAQS About Buying New and Used Auto Parts” to learn how to decide which route is best for you.

How to Find an Auto Part in Indiana

Don’t trust just anyone in Indiana. The professionals at Zore’s Inc. will find your auto part in no time at all! All you have to do is tell us which auto part you are looking for and we will do the rest. Best of all, we ensure top quality and economy-based prices on all parts. Get started by filling out our Auto Parts Request Form, here.

We will need your name, email address, phone number, and your vehicle’s VIN number to locate the exact part you need. But don’t worry, you can trust our automotive professionals to hold your information with the strictest confidence. Your information will never be sold or shared online or anywhere else.

Once you submit your request, we will contact you within 3 to 5 business days with information regarding our findings! If you would rather speak to a live person, simple contact our main office at 317-247-8484 to request free information about our auto parts division. We sell both new and used auto parts in Indiana, including OEM parts. We even have our own in-house auto body shop that can install them, SAME DAY! We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience, so give us call anytime.

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How to Yield a Profit From a Junk Car

Junk vehicle owners can take the easiest and quickest route by choosing to sell their asset directly to a buyer. There are countless buyers on the market for salvaged cars and other motorized vehicles, and for several reasons. Although selling a junk car as a whole may cut into your profit just a bit, it makes up for all the time and effort you save yourself in the process. When most parts are not functioning, direct selling is usually the best and only option. However, you have other options for profiting off of your junk car as well.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 options you have for making your junk car valuable again!

Indianapolis Cash for Cars 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Cash for Cars 317-247-8484

❶ Sell to a Junk Car Buyer

Junk car companies are a fast and convenient option for making a quality profit from a junk car. Common buyers for junk vehicles include auto salvage yards, junkyards, metal recycling centers, private parties, auto body shops, and even metalwork manufacturers. The internet opens doors to thousands of consumers looking for exactly what you are selling, especially in the automotive market.

❷ Sell Individual Junk Car Parts

Another option for profiting from a junked car is selling its parts individually for a higher profit. Although this is a more tedious and difficult approach that requires the skill of a licensed mechanic or trained mechanic, it renders a much higher profit. Headlights alone go for more than a few hundred dollars, brand new. Other parts like motors, radiators, exhausts, catalytic converters, fuel tanks, and more are all sought-after car parts that can be refurbished and sold for a profit so long as they still work.

❸ Keep it for Yourself

Last, you can simply choose to keep a junk car in the case that your current one needs new parts. As mentioned, some automotive parts are extremely expensive to repair or replace, so having your own private inventory of spare parts is a highly-lucrative asset. That’s something to definitely consider if you own an old car or truck and want to make good use of it.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to sell a junk car for cash. We are premiere Indianapolis cash for cars business that pays cash on the spot for any motorized commodity, regardless of age or condition. We accept any and all vehicles, trucks, vans, boats, watercrafts, construction equipment, farming equipment, motorcycles, scooters, airplanes, and even used auto parts! Request a free estimate, today.

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Top 4 Facts About Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are one of the most important components in a vehicle, yet many car owners overlook their incredible value. This critical automotive part should be routinely serviced, along with the other vital systems in your vehicle, in order to maintain optimal performance, as well as, increase lifespan. After all, catalytic converters also happen to be one of the most expensive auto parts in a car; so you do not want to prematurely have to replace it or pay for an invasive repair. If this does happen, fortunately, catalytic converters maintain a nominal degree of economic value, even if they are beyond repair or refurbishment.

To help you understand more about catalytic converters, continue reading to learn the top four facts about them.

Sell Catalytic Converter Indianapolis Indiana
Sell Old Catalytic Converters 317-247-8484

❶ Catalytic Converters Prevent Harmful Emissions and Reduce Air Pollution

The greatest benefit of catalytic converters is also their primary purpose. They are automotive components specially designed to eliminate or reduce the release harmful emissions produced by a car engine, including nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, water vapors, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen oxides. As a result, they help reduce air pollution and thus, protect our atmosphere.

❷ Catalytic Converters are an Automotive Standard Governed By Law

Vehicles throughout history were not obligated by law to have a catalytic converter, until 1975 when they became a standard in automobile assembly. This happened as a result of changing laws governing cars and pollution. Today, it is the law to have a proper catalytic converter, and all vehicles are manufactured with one.

❸ Catalytic Converters Turn On When the Engine Gets Hot

Did your parents ever teach you to wait a few minutes before putting your car into gear and driving away? If you were encouraged to let your car engine heat up a little bit before hitting the road, you were given some good advice. That is because a catalytic converter does not switch on until the engine has warmed up. So when you turn on a cold car, the catalytic converter does not turn on for a few more minutes, which means engine emissions are not being treated right away.

❹ Catalytic Converters are High in Economic Value

Sometimes, even with good care, catalytic converters can breakdown or experience performance issues. If this happens, you can expect a new catalytic converter to cost a couple thousand dollars, give or take. For the majority of cars, the cost to repair a catalytic converter ranges between $1000 and $2500, including parts and labor. For this reason, many cars, especially older models, are deemed totaled by the insurance company when it is time to replace a catalytic converter. This is because the cost to repair and replace it is higher than the current market value of the vehicle.

What to Do With an Old Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are primarily made of platinum and other valuable metals, making them of high economic value whether they work or not. Furthermore, they can be recycled and reprocessed over and over again. So if you have an old catalytic converter, you can help relieve the cost of buying a new one by selling your old one. Contact a local scrap metal buyer in Indianapolis who will pay you top dollar for your junk automotive parts.

Get Started With a Free Quote Today!

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to sell an old catalytic converter in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay top dollar for all scrap metal, regardless of age or condition. We also have an auto parts store that offers used auto parts, OEM auto parts, refurbished auto parts, and new auto parts if you are looking for a great deal on a new catalytic converter. As a family-owned and operated business that has served the surrounding communities for 90 years, you can trust that we are ethical and honest scrap metal buyers that employ good business practices.

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4 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage Out of Your Car

The fuel prices today are simply depressing. Does it really cost almost four dollars for one tank of gas? For people who are on a tight budget, keeping a fuel tank full can be troubling. Worry not, because there are a few solutions to getting better gas mileage on a daily basis. Not only can this help you save money and gas, it can also benefit the environment at the same time!

Continue reading to learn these tips and tricks to getting better gas mileage, no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

Indianapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance
Indianapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance 317-247-8484

❶ Tire Pressure

Surprisingly, the amount of pressure you have in your tires can influence the amount of gasoline consumption. This is because low tire pressure forces a car to exert more energy and work harder to get from one place to the next. This uses a lot of fuel.  Be sure to check your tires on a monthly basis, and do not let radial tires trick you. They can sometimes look completely inflated, but actually be low on pressure.

❷ Auto AC Usage

It is hard to not always blast your vehicle’s AC on a scorching hot summer’s day. Unfortunately, the frequent use of a car’s air conditioner uses a lot of fuel. Try to roll down windows and keep a cool drink in your cup holder. These are ways you can avoid using too much AC and wasting all your fuel. Also, try parking in shady areas to keep the car cool when not in use.

❸ Driving Habits and Patience

Quick stops and sudden starts is often referred to as jackrabbit driving. Aggressive and abrupt driving habits can not only use up a lot of fuel, it can potentially damage your vehicle. If this describes your style of driving, try to slow down in the future. Relaxed driving keeps your car at a comfortable status and reduces the amount times you have to fill up.

❹ Routine Car Maintenance

Having your car in optimal condition drastically improves the amount of miles it gets per gallon of gas.  This includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake services, engine cleanings, tune-ups, and much more.  Keeping your car in a condition that it can perform at its best reduces the amount of work the engine has to do to operate the vehicle. Factory scheduled maintenance is crucial for any vehicle you own. It has a huge influence on how long your vehicle will survive and how fast it uses its fuel.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance and Towing

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for 24 hour tow truck roadside assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated company with more than 75 years in business here in Indiana! We offer a wide range of services for Hoosiers, including roadside assistance, scrap metal recycling, cash for junk cars, towing and recovery, storm damage, traffic clearance, and much more.

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Rebuilt Automotive Engines and their Many Advantages

In today’s economy, it is not always possible to go out and purchase a brand new car because your engine has given out in your old one. Brand new car engines and vehicles are expensive, and require a lot of upfront cash that many families simply do not have.  Fortunately, when a car engine breaks beyond repair, there are other options other than purchasing a new car or engine. 

Continue reading to learn about these options and car engine repair.

Used Auto Parts in Indiana 317-247-8484
Used Auto Parts in Indiana 317-247-8484

Rebuilding Car Engines

Rebuilding car engines are becoming more and more popular due to its various benefits.  Many people disregard buying a rebuilt engine, simply because they are used.  The truth is that a rebuilt engine could be exactly what you need when it comes to auto engine repair.  This is because car engines are just like furniture or clothes when it comes to resale potential. 

Yes, they are not brand new and may have a few scratches and tears, but they can be restored and still provide you with their intended purpose.  If you have an older car and the engine goes out, it is more lucrative to purchase a remanufactured engine, rather than scraping your savings to buy a new car or new engine.  Rebuilt engines are tremendously advantageous, and are highly recommended for many reasons.

Re-Manufacturing Car Engines

When a shop re-manufactures a car engine, they basically dismantle it, inspect it, replace its parts, clean it thoroughly, and repair the entire engine.  Typical restorations can include replacing timing belts, reforming piston-cylinders, lubricating and smoothing all bearings, and more.  These engine rebuilds are always performed by certified mechanics, so long as they are purchased from a reputable retailer.  Such retailers should be able to offer warranties and guarantees on their parts and services as well.  This way you know you are getting a good product.

Second hand engines are mostly beneficial because of the significant price reductions.  A re-manufactured car engine that is fully functional can be bought for more than half the price of new car engine.  Another advantage of purchasing a rebuilt engine is that they still meet the OEM specifications and can perform better and run smoother than before.

Where to Find New and Used Auto Parts in Indiana

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to buy used auto parts in Indiana. Our inventory includes a vast selection of used auto parts, new auto parts, OEM auto parts, domestic and foreign auto parts, late model parts, and new model parts at the most competitive prices in town. All of our used auto parts come with a FREE 90-Day Recycled Auto Part Warranty, and when you purchase used auto parts through us, you can get your parts installed on the same day at our on-site auto body shop. Request an estimate, today.

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How to Prevent Rust Formation on Metal

If you have any metal assets made from iron or steel, especially those exposed to outdoor elements, you are likely familiar with the risk of rust formation. In fact, it is likely that you have already faced the challenge of managing rust on your metal things. Fortunately, rust can be prevented. Continue reading to learn how to protect metal from rust formation, as well as, what you can do with metal that is too far corroded with rust.

Indianapolis Scrap Metal Buyers 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Scrap Metal Buyers 317-247-8484

Rust Formation

Rust is a form of iron oxide that occurs when iron mixes with oxygen in the air; a process known as oxidation. This exposure causes the iron to corrode. Although steel and iron are strong metals, there are still tiny gaps in which water molecules can penetrate. When salt is introduced to the equation, the rate of rust formation and subsequent corrosion is faster.

Effects of Rust

Rust is detrimental to metal objects since it exponentially erodes and weakens a structure. Take for instance the Silver Bridge disaster of 1967, in which rust corrosion caused so much structural expansion in the steel that the suspension bridge finally collapsed under its own weight in less than a minute. You see, rust causes metal to expand, which in turn, increases the amount of stress on the structure or item. Furthermore, rust is permeable to air and water, which means metal will continue to corrode underneath the rust layer, indefinitely.

Rust Prevention

Now that you have a basic understanding of how rust forms, you can netter understand how to stop it in the first place. Basically, you must protect metal from the combination of elements that cause oxidation. So to begin, do not leave metal assets outside, especially in rainy or humid climates. If you must leave them outside, consider covering them with tarps, or storing them in water-proof sheds or barns.

One way to guarantee rust prevention is to stick with rust-resistance alloys, like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, chromium, and nickel. Otherwise, here are some other considerations for rust prevention:

🢚 Galvanization – A process that coats metal with a thin layer of zinc, which acts as a barrier against oxygen and water permeation. Although rust formation eventually occurs, it does so at a much slower rate.

🢚 Bluing – A passivation process that removes the iron from the surface of steel. It gets its name from the blueish-black appearance of the finish.

🢚 Organic Coatings – A type of protective coating that acts as a sealant against air and water permeation. They are organic since they are usually made from vegetable matter, animal matter, or from carbon-rich compounds.

🢚 Powder Coatings – A type of protective coating that serves the same purpose of organic coatings, but made from powder of enamel, heat curing epoxy, or a plastic compound, and thus, permanent.

What to Do With Rusty Old Metal

If you have metal objects that are too far rusted or damaged, you can sell them to a local scrap metal recycling center in town. Not only does this contribute to the preservation of our Earth’s natural resources, it puts some cash back in your wallet, and thus, not making your rusted scrap such as waste in the end. Just be sure to choose a reputable and well-established scrap metal buyer to do business with, otherwise you can risk a lower payout, or worse, becoming a victim of a fly-by-the-night scam.

Trusted Indianapolis Scrap Metal Buyers

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to recycle scrap metal for cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay top dollar for all metals, regardless of age or condition. We buy vehicles, equipment, sheet metal, electrical wiring, computers, auto parts, power tools, appliances, and much more. And we guarantee to pay you cash on the spot!

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Most Expensive Car Repairs to Watch Out For

As a car owner, it is important to have automotive insurance coverage in case of an emergency breakdown, or worse, collision. However, depending on your particular policy, you may not have full coverage, which would leave you financially responsible for covering the rest of the repair bill. If you want to be on the preventative maintenance side of car ownership, it is wise to have all of your vehicle’s systems serviced on a routine basis. Not only will this ensure your car is operating smoothly and efficiently, which can also save you money on fuel, it will help catch small mechanical problems early on, before they can get too expensive.

To be cautious, continue reading to learn which automotive repairs tend to be the most expensive, and where you can find better deals on new and used auto parts in town.

Used Auto Parts for Sale 317-244-0700
Used Auto Parts for Sale 317-244-0700

⚙ Catalytic Converters

Not only are catalytic converters one of the most essential automotive components within every vehicle, they are comprised primarily of precious metal, platinum. These attributes make catalytic converters highly valuable, and therefore, expensive. So if your car needs a new one, you can expect to pay a pretty penny, no matter how many car repair quotes you seek out. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,250 for the part alone, plus an additional fee to have it installed.

⚙ Engines

If you blow an engine, or require a new transmission, you can expect to pay a large bill for both labor and parts. The engine is the heart and soul of a vehicle, and without it, you won’t go anywhere anytime soon. This makes it the most critical component of your car. Typical repair costs for a new engine range between $1,000 and $4,000, depending on the make and model vehicle. If you require a new transmission, expect to pay about the same.

⚙ Engine Components

Turbo replacements and repairs can really hit home with an average price tag between $2,000 and $6,000! If you have timing belts, head gaskets, or camshafts repaired, the bill will be equally impactful, averaging in the thousands, depending on how many components are damaged along with them, such as connecting rods, pistons, valves, and similar parts. Camshaft replacement can range between $1,500 and $3,000, while head gaskets can set you back between $400 and $900.

⚙ Air Conditioning Compressor

Although not as expensive as the other repairs mentioned above, a new AC compressor will cost between $200 and $600, depending on the extent of the damage and other contributing factors. Furthermore, if your car requires Freon charging, you can expect to pay additional fees for both parts and labor.

💰 Want to avoid paying too much for new auto parts? Consider buying used or refurbished parts for a fraction of the cost!

Where to Find Cheap Auto Parts in Indianapolis

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to buy new and used auto parts in Indianapolis, Indiana. WE have been a family owned and operated business for over 75 years, so you know you can trust us for the fairest prices and products in town! We sell used auto parts, OEM auto parts, refurbished auto parts, and new auto parts. Call 317-247-8484 to request an estimate for Indianapolis auto parts, today.

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How Zore’s Can Help You With Tow Truck Service

Need a tow? Regardless of size or scope, Zore’s Inc. has what it takes to deliver fast, safe, and secure tow truck service in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. Best of all, we do it at a price you can actually afford. Continue below to learn more about our company, including the various towing services and options we offer.

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Learn Why Hoosiers Choose Zore’s

Zore’s Inc. has been in business for 90 years, so when you need Indianapolis towing and recovery services you can trust, we are the experienced professionals to call. Our skilled wrecker operators are licensed and certified by the state of Indiana, and all our towing trucks are radio-dispatched and equipped with cutting-edge GPS systems for quicker response times.

Furthermore, we are fully-certified operators for up-righting, winching, and safely returning vehicles to the roadway. We also retain a highly-advanced incident and management response truck to provide emergency road and accident clearance services, state-wide.

Here’s all the ways we can provide tow truck service for you:

Towing and Recovery – Zore’s offers affordable towing and recovery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Light Duty Towing – We are fully-equipped to provide a wide range of light duty towing services for cars, trucks, and more.

Medium Duty Towing – Zore’s Inc. is your solution to dependable and efficient medium duty towing services at a fair price.

Heavy Duty Towing – We deliver damage-free heavy duty towing services for large vehicles and motorized commodities.

Heavy Equipment – Our fleet of state-of-the-art trucks can transport heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

Property Management – We will help you maintain the professionalism and convenience of your commercial property.

Additional Services We Offer

In addition to tow truck service, we also provide a wide range of specialized community services and amenities, such as 24 hour roadside assistance, property management, new and used auto parts, metal recycling services, cash for junk cars, auto body repair, auto salvaging, auto auctions, and much more. We are even open and operational on National holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to get started with a free estimate or information about Indianapolis tow truck service, today.

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What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck in Mud

There is a lot of rain happening in our region this time of year, which means everything that’s dirt turns to mud. To make matters worse, this mud can sometimes be hiding thick, unforgiving clay that acts like a vacuum to anything that has the misfortune of falling in. All of these factors increase the chances of getting your vehicle stuck in a patch of stubborn mud. If this happens to you, be prepared by knowing exactly what to do. Continue reading to learn more.

Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484
Indianapolis Towing 317-247-8484

Getting stuck in mud is just as common as getting stuck in snow or in a ditch. In fact, as a driver, you are more likely to face such a scenario at least once in your life than not. For this reason and more, it is wise to be prepared for if it happens, but also, to know how to prevent this exasperating traffic set back.

How to Get Your Car Out of Mud

Basically, to get a car unstuck from mud, you need traction. And in order to gain traction, you will need a combination of supplies and method. If you have snow chains, put them on and see how well they work. They will almost always pull you out of mud. If you do not have a set of snow chains on hand, which is usually the case for most, rely on these tips instead:

🚧 For front wheel-drive vehicles, add more weight to the trunk.

🚧 Clear the mud away from each tire, front and back.

🚧 If possible, pour sand or cat litter in front of or behind (depending on FWD or 4WD) each tire.

🚧 Place cardboard or floor mats in front of or behind (depending on FWD or 4WD) each tire. You can also use anything else on hand, like blankets, clothing, coats, or towels.

🚧 Use the rocking method by pressing the gas ever so slightly every time the vehicle rocks forward. DO NOT allow someone to stand behind the vehicle and push.

🚧 When all else fails, contact a local towing company for help. After all, that’s what they’re here for!

24 Hour Towing Service in Indianapolis

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 for affordable Indianapolis towing and roadside assistance services in you can trust. Our licensed and insured wrecker operators provide punctual and prompt tow truck services throughout all of Central Indiana, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We also provide a wide range of municipal services, roadside wrecker and recovery services, and much more. Request a free estimate, anytime.

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Learn Why Your Cell Phone Won’t Stay Charged

Is your cell phone battery constantly losing its charge?  Does the battery fail after charging it the same day?  Continue reading to learn why you might be having problems with your cell phone battery, as well as, what to do with your defective mobile device if you can’t get it to work.

E-Waste Recycling Services 317-247-8484
E-Waste Recycling Services 317-247-8484

Basics of Cell Phone Batteries

Although cell phone technology has changed rapidly over the years, the design and makeup of cell batteries has not.  Cell phone batteries are lithium-ion based, with a standard lifespan of two to three years.  Generally, these batteries will keep a cellular phone charged for a few days.  They are proven to be quite efficient as power sources for mobile phones.

Ten years ago, it was common to see cell phones that only allotted one hour of talk time.  Although 24 hours of standby phone use would follow, the phone would then have to be charged, usually overnight, to regain power.  Phones today use so much more processing, but they can stay charged much longer; usually three to four hours of talk time, and two to three days of standby. 

With all this updated technology and upgrades, why do cell phone users still experience problems with battery power?

When manufacturers test cell phone batteries, they base it off of normal use only.  This entails calling and receiving calls, and voicemail.  In cell phones today, such as the iPhone5 and Android phones, there is much more going on besides the typical phone call.  Even when we are not using them, apps and other features are working and processing. 

For example, emails are being sent, internet is being browsed, mobile apps and GPS systems are turned on, roaming and signal locating, and much more.  All this and more causes out cell phone batteries to lose power more quickly.  So if you charge your phone overnight, only for it to lose power the next day, look into the amount of processing your phone is doing on a daily basis. 

🔋 To reduce losing battery power, reduce the amount of processing on your mobile device.  The more features used on a phone, the more energy will be used.

Can’t Get Your Battery to Work?

Sometimes, cell phones reach the end of their lifespan, and it is time to get a new one. This is especially true for older model phones and mobile devices, as well as, all other electronics. Fortunately, there is still a way to make your broken phone good for something one last time…

Recycle Your Old Phone for Cash!

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-247-8484 to recycle e-waste in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not only do we accept all electronic devices, including phones, tablets, computers, laptops, televisions, and circuit boards, we also pay CASH ON THE SPOT! Get paid for your old electronic device by calling the friendly and professional scrap metal buyers, today.

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