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Metal Recycling
Indianapolis, Indiana

Zore’s Inc. knows that recycling metal can help make Indianapolis a safer and more comfortable place to live. That is why our conveniently-located metal processing center pays the highest profits for scrap metal in the city! We want to encourage Hoosiers to join the recycling initiative, so we pay cash on the spot for all types of scrap metal and metal commodities, including copper, aluminum, steel, brass, electronics, appliances, vehicles, auto parts, and much more. We also offer a variety of additional metal recycling services, such as container service, roll-off service, disposal services, auto salvaging, public recycling, residential recycling, and many others. As a family-owned and operated business that has served the surrounding communities for 90 years, you can trust that we are ethical and honest scrap metal buyers that employ good business practices.

We Buy Scrap Metal!
Indy’s Smartest Choice for Full-Service Metal Recycling,
Demolition, and Disposal in Indianapolis, Indiana

We are dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and reducing landfill overflows, as well as, providing a safe and convenient means for people to get rid of their unwanted junk. But our top-priority is to provide unparalleled customer service and support for those who wish to sell scrap metal or outsource professional disposal services. Our friendly staff is happy to answer your questions about the metals we recycle, scrap metal prices, recycling scrap metal, container service, and more. Call our office at 317-247-8484 if you would like to learn how to recycle scrap metal in Indianapolis, anytime.

Visit our Metal Recycling Website for more information about recycling scrap metal in Indiana.

Our Metal Recycling Services Include
but are not limited to...
  • Residential Metal Recycling
  • Commercial Metal Recycling
  • Industrial Metal Recycling
  • Metal Processing
  • Copper Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Steel Recycling
  • Auto Recycling
  • Motorcycle Recycling
  • Appliance Recycling
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Container/Dumpster Service
  • Roll-Off Service
  • Manufacturing Recycling Technology
  • Disposal Services
  • Plumbing Recycling
  • Wire Cable Recycling
  • Can And Bottle Recycling
  • Metal Waste Recycling
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • Public Recycling
  • Restaurant Equipment Recycling
  • X-Ray Equipment Recycling
  • Recovery And Salvage Services
  • Construction Debris Services
  • Over-the-Scale Scrap Metal Services
Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal:
It can be sold for cash!
It reduces the need for mining.
It lowers productions costs for metal manufacturers.
It preserves the Earth’s natural resources.
It reduces the level of harmful effects on the environment.
It decreases landfill over-flow.
It feels good to help our planet!