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Metal Recycling Prices
Indianapolis, Indiana

At Zore’s Inc., it can really pay off to recycle scrap metal. That is because we are a family-owned and operated business built on a foundation of old-fashioned values like integrity, quality, and respect. For 90 years, we have provided honest quotes and returns for the cost of scrap metal and metal commodities in Indianapolis, and continue to operate our business based on the best interests’ of our clients and surrounding communities. There is no end to the metals we recycle, and we pay cash on the spot to give you an instantly-gratifying profit. All this and more has made us a top-choice for scrap metal recycling and disposal services among contractors, utility companies, manufacturers, commercial business owners, and the general public.

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Up-to-Date Scrap Metal Prices!

Our knowledgeable and experienced scrap metal buyers use the current market prices and state-of-the-art scales to gauge the value of your scrap metal, making our payouts fair and straight forward. But keep in mind, the amount of money you profit from recycling scrap metal will largely depend on the type and total weight of your metal. And remember that market values for metal fluctuate daily. If you are curious about the current metal recycling prices, call our office at 317-247-8484 to speak with a friendly office attendant today.

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal:
It can be sold for cash!
It reduces the need for mining.
It lowers productions costs for metal manufacturers.
It preserves the Earth’s natural resources.
It reduces the level of harmful effects on the environment.
It decreases landfill over-flow.
It feels good to help our planet!